Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunny with a Chance of Fugliness.

Summer is upon us here in the Mitten State, that means Fugly Sweater Season is mostly over.

I have managed to score a few pickin's for your Dining and Snarky pleasure, so with out further adieu....

This vintagey Cowichan Sweater proves that no male figure skater is hetero. ( They look like they are about to do a massive HI FIVE to each other, don't they?)

Here is either a Crown & Heart/ Key motif sweater or Rail Road Crossings & hand grenades filled with confetti kinda sweater. It also could have some kind of retarded tarantula motif going on as well, who the hell knows! It looks odd on so many levels and is considered vintage by the ebay seller. What do you want to be this sucker has never been worn ever?

Ooooodles of Pooodles!
Good God, Man! I can hear the YIPPPPP YIPPPPY

1 comment:

Sadako said...

The fug! It burns! That first one, especially.

Funny blog. I like it. It's like Cakewrecks but for sweaters.