Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beef. It's what your wife knit fer ya!

(Secretly, I like this sweater. Cows rock.)

Gran's off her medication...again.

Duck Season! ****BLAM!******

I double dog dare you to wear this during duck season.

Real Estate Hell

If you wear this sweater and sell houses, you should bury yourself head first in the ground for the sake of humanity.

Moments before "The Agony of Defeat" guy, he was immortalized in a sweater. By Ralph Lauren, no less.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Duh.

Somewhere out there there is a Grandma who knows no level of humiliation. What was she thinking?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Pussy!

Kinda looks like the cats have cupcakes on their head, don't it?

The brown kitty is king fu fightin'.

This is your cat on catnip.

Ecretlysay, Iway indakay ikelay isthay eatersway.

This is for sale on Ebay with a start price of $45. Huh.


This is simply awesome! I found it at RAARRRRRRRHHHH!

Four Balls!

One day when chihuahua's overtake carbon-based life forms, we will know the rebellion started with tiny sweaters.

Senor Chihuahua is not amused.

Senor Chihuahua is not amused.

Poochie Abuse

The Official Spinster Sweater

Juan Valdez? Is dat you?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lance Armstrong Ain't Got Nothing On This One

Secretly, I like this sweater, It looks like an illustration from some children's picture book. " Oliver, Jane and Tom hopped on their bike after taking a hit from the crack pipe and rode past Old Man Jenkin's house. Jenkins, suffering from Dreaded Sperm Buildup and Lotsa EarHair, then sprayed them with his garden hose shouting, " You Meddlesome Kids! Get off my lawn! You make me long for the days of those dope smokin' hippies!"

Oliver and Tom murdered Old Man Jenkins that night. Jane supplied the bleach and tarps."

Holy Cow!

I'm a fan of cows, probably more than most reasonably sane people, but there is a reason why cow motifs have never caught on in the fashion world. It's udderly horrible.

That's a whole lotta pussy.

More Halloween Disasters.

Terry Schiavo's sweater

One ticket, window seat, please.

That's one big pussy.

Vampire Kitty Sweater!