Saturday, October 21, 2006

The many faces of Jack O' Lantern

If someone you know was severely drunk, or schizophrenic, this sweater might actually be fun to wear in front of them.

Those pumpkins are talkin' to me, mannnnn! Make 'em stop!

Highway Safety Sweater from Hell.

It's official. I'm blind.

I'll get you my pretty!

I'm not sure if presents should be set underneath this sweater or if it should have a bunch of cats thrown at it just for grins.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Robbery Spree Extravaganza!

When this family isn't robbing 7-11's, they are extra's in any horror movie in Hollywood.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cruella DeVille

Some of the puppies didn't make it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

North Dakota need not apply

What better way to show your are a red blooded American to a toddler than stuffing them in a knit sweater with a flag on it. A flag with only ten stars. I feel these represent the ten finalists in the Miss American Pageant : New York, California, Texas, Florida and then six wild cards out of pure pity.

RAH RAH! Sis Boom WTF !

The only thing that could make this sweater better is that if the cheerleaders on the bottom row were topless (ok, and bottomless, too) and this is coming from a commited heterosexual female.

There is some freaky sexual overtones in this sweater between the open legged hussies flaunting their pom poms to the twin megaphones that look like they should be on the front of Madonna, if you know what I mean ( and I think you do.) or they could be beer steins. Really given this day and age, it's probably a signal for butt sex to kids these days.

Rorschak in knitwear.

The thing in the center is suppose to be an animal. The desciption by some yahoo on Ebay said it was an alligator. Obviously, this guy has never seen The Crocodile Hunter, unless it is a croc doing a front leg stand of some sort.

I would like to think that the reddish detail around the circle is writing, much like Lord of the Rings, where it gives a clue to some treasure somewhere. Only there are Flying Monkey's to get passed and then some biker gang protecting a meth lab.

19th hole, indeed.

I'm really torn on this sweater. It is kitschy enough to be amusing, yet it borderlines on the knitter saying to the giftee " I hate the fact that you spend more time on a golf course than mowing the yard or getting to know my grand children."