Sunday, October 01, 2006

RAH RAH! Sis Boom WTF !

The only thing that could make this sweater better is that if the cheerleaders on the bottom row were topless (ok, and bottomless, too) and this is coming from a commited heterosexual female.

There is some freaky sexual overtones in this sweater between the open legged hussies flaunting their pom poms to the twin megaphones that look like they should be on the front of Madonna, if you know what I mean ( and I think you do.) or they could be beer steins. Really given this day and age, it's probably a signal for butt sex to kids these days.

1 comment:

tina said...

Ha!! Your observations are dangerously funny.
I'm particularly fond of the cheerleaders' "V" on their tops: what could it connote other than "vagina"?
This is an undeniably sexual sweater, but in such a messed-up way. Like a premenopausal nun, if you'll forgive the reference...all energy, expended elsewhere.